Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yummy Recipes

I'm late on the recipe swap but what I have for you is worth the wait.
First lets start with
OREO Balls

1 package of Oreo cookies
1 package of cream cheese
2 packages of white chocolate chips

Put the cookies and cream cheese in a food processor and blend together. Next, melt the chips. Now you make small balls with the cookie and cheese mix (I use the small ice cream type scooper). Finally roll the balls in the melted chocolate and place on wax paper to dry.
You could easily make these into eyeballs for Halloween or roll them in red or green sprinkles for Christmas.
Very easy and a definate YUMMMMM

Now lets try


1 package small pretzels
1 package Rolo candy
1 package peacans

Preheat oven to 250 degrees

Place pretzels on a baking sheet. Unwrap the Rolos and place on the pretzel. Bake about 3 minutes to get the Rolos soft. Remove from the oven and place a peacan on top of the Rolo and press down.
Now you've got turtle candies to enjoy!!!
I hope you enjoy these easy quick delights as much as I do.

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Jodi said...

I've made the Oreo truffles with chocolate almond bark (not white) and they're pretty good that way too!